Freshly Network is a new playlisting network made by Jared Moreno, founder of Different Records label, composer and music producer. Jared has been running campaigns for artists since 2015, always looking the best options for promote his own music and his label releases. In these years he has built a big network of curators, all legit and organic and now he can offer one of the best playlisting services for Spotify. Now, his business is so big that he can't manage it alone, so he have decided to create 'Freshly' and work with a new team to be able to continue providing his services with better quality and speed. We love work with new people and take care of our best clients. Are you ready for work with us?


How it works? 

- When you pay we will receive your info and we will contact you in the next 24 hours for you can send us the links and other info you need send. We will start the campaign as soon as I have your song.

Everything is organic?

- Yes, we just work with legit and organic playlists and curators.

More questions?